News Release | Environment Colorado

Local farmer, brewer, environmentalist unite to call on Congress to save wind subsidies

In Fort Collins today, Environment Colorado was joined by Doug Odell of Odell Brewing, Michael Baute of Spring Kite Farm, and Pamela Shaddock of Senator Udall’s office in releasing a new report touting wind energy’s environmental benefits to date and calling on Congress to renew the federal wind tax credits.

News Release | Environment Colorado

Vote for Colorado's Environment

Environment Colorado announced its endorsements for the 2012 election season, shining a spotlight on key pro-environment candidates for the White House, Congress and the state legislature.

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A Wake Up Call

Hurricane Sandy is another wake-up call. This time, let's heed Nature’s not-so-subtle reminder of what a warming planet has in store for us. It's time to take action to reduce carbon pollution, slow global warming, slow the rise of our oceans, and leave our children a safer planet.

News Release | Environment Colorado

New Report: Wind Energy Yields Major Environmental and Public Health Benefits for Colorado

Wind energy in Colorado each year saves a billion gallons of water while avoiding emissions of air pollutants equivalent to that produced by half a million cars, according to a report released today by Environment Colorado. Between 2000 and 2011, production of electricity from wind energy in Colorado grew from zero to 4.7 million megawatt-hours (MWh), and is now producing nearly 10 percent of the state’s electricity.

News Release | Environment Colorado

New Online Factsheet Details Recent Extreme Weather in Colorado

Environment Colorado today released a new online factsheet that shows the extent of recent extreme temperatures, wildfires and heavy downpours in Colorado.