Protecting Colorado’s parks from drilling, mining, logging and development

Our parks are where some of our families’ most unforgettable memories are formed— from our first childhood hikes to our first glimpses of wildlife.

No wonder writer Wallace Stegner called our nation’s park system America’s best idea. Still, drilling, mining and other industries in Colorado consider the lands in and around many of our local parks as something else— “investment opportunities” to be exploited.

This encroachment is leaving the land surrounding these parks at risk—seriously threatening their ecosystems, waterways and wildlife.

We need to protect every acre of our parks for future generations, before industrial operations jeopardize our state’s natural heritage, beauty and environment.

Our senators have a unique opportunity to protect these parks

Each year, Congress raids the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the program dedicated to protecting treasured places like Rocky Mountain National Park and South Boulder Creek, and uses the money for other purposes.

Environment Colorado is bringing citizens together to convince Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall to make protecting our state and national parks a top priority during their current term as U.S. senators. By working together, we can leave a lasting legacy for Colorado and its future generations.

Together, we can win

Members and supporters like you make it possible for our staff to conduct research, make our case to the media, testify in Denver and Washington, D.C., and build the grassroots support necessary to protect all of our state parks forever.

Issue updates

News Release | Environment Colorado

Senator Udall Shows Colorado’s Parks Some Valentine’s Day Love

Today, U.S. Senator Mark Udall joined a bipartisan group of Senators to introduce a bill to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund on the 50th anniversary of its original introduction.

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News Release | Environment Colorado

Chimney Rock Designated a National Monument

President Obama applauded for declaring Chimney Rock in Southwest Colorado a National Monument under the Antiquities Act.

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Report | Environment Colorado

Trashing Our Treasures

National parks, forests and public lands are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems, safeguarding our waterways, cleaning up the air we breathe, protecting wildlife habitat, and providing opportunities to connect with the outdoors. Recreation and tourism on public lands drives a 10$ billion outdoor industry in Colorado that supports over 100,000 local jobs. This report showcases treasured places across the country at risk of resource exploitation and development if attacks on our public lands are signed into law.

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News Release | Environment Colorado

Rocky Mountains at risk, Colorado wilderness protections attacked

Environment Colorado released a new report today revealing that pristine areas across the Rocky Mountains including Rocky Mountain National Park and hundred of miles of Colorado wilderness and Roadless areas could be at risk of development and oil and gas extraction if bills moving through the House of Representatives are signed into law.  The report, “Trashing our Treasures: Congressional Assault on the Best of America and Colorado,” exposes a startling trend of legislative attacks on our state’s treasured places in the Rockies and beyond.

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News Release

Environment Colorado Applauds Senator Udall's Leadership in the Fight for Colorado’s Open Space

With the deadline for a deal on a transportation-funding bill fast approaching, Senator Mark Udall urged his colleagues to support a critical conservation provision in the conferenced bill. Senator Udall has been a leading voice in the effort protect treasured places around the country by supporting the Land and Water Conservation Fund—a program that was established nearly 50 years ago to provide resources for states to protect and expand parks, wildlife refuges and forests, without using a single tax-payer dollar.

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