Wind power: A Coloradan success story

Colorado already generates enough energy from wind turbines to power 500,000 homes, growing nearly 40 percent in 2011 alone, and supporting thousands of jobs in our state. But the continued success of wind power is at risk — both in Colorado and acros the nation — if Congress does not act now.

At stake: Our clean energy future.

This year, critical federal tax credits for renewable energy are set to expire. If Congress does not renew them, the wind industry will likely lose at least 1,400 Colorado jobs, and we will lose hard-won momentum on clean energy.

With powerful polluting interests like the coal and oil industry lobbying against these incentives, Congress needs to stand up for wind power and the future of clean energy in Colorado and the rest of America.

Inspiring support

The biggest polluters have powerful influence in Washington, D.C., and they have worked to build opposition and political stalemate on clean energy advancement, putting our progress at risk. But even though polluters have loud voices and deep pockets, there is no denying that wind power has been a success in Colorado and nationwide — creating pollution-free energy, a cleaner and healthier future, and much-needed green jobs.

Because of that success, clean energy incentives have gained bipartisan political and public support that we can mobilize to convince Congress to act now. So Environment Colorado is bringing citizens together to give our decision-makers the support they need to make sure clean energy tax credits are extended before the end of the year.

Together we can win

Members and supporters like you make it possible for our staff to conduct research, make our case to the media, testify in Washington, D.C., and build the grassroots support necessary to create a clean energy future for all Americans. Call on our legislators to defend wind power today.

Clean Energy updates

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On eve of the elections, Environment Colorado announces endorsements in federal races

Bennet, Markey, Perlmutter, Polis, and DeGette are hailed as "Environmental Leaders" who have fought for clean energy jobs and a healthy and safe environment

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Joint Statement on Senate Inaction on Comprehensive Clean Energy Bill

There’s no doubt that big oil, big coal, their army of lobbyists and their partners in Congress are cheering the obstruction that blocked Senate action on clean energy and climate legislation. Their cheers are cheers for China taking the lead in clean energy jobs, the Middle East getting more of our money, and America getting more pollution and fewer jobs. 

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Clean Energy Leadership in the Rockies

This report focuses on the economic activities associated with clean energy and energy efficiency in the five states we call the Rocky Mountain Energy Producers—Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming—because these energy-related activities are now among the strongest segments of the green economy and show promise during challenging economic times.

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Environment Colorado: President Obama Should Seize the Moment to Protect Our Coasts & Shift to Clean Energy

Environment Colorado: President Obama Should Seize the Moment to Protect Our Coasts & Shift to Clean Energy

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Gov. Ritter Caps Off New Energy Economy Agenda with Final Bill Signing

Putting his final stamp on clean energy legislation, Gov. Ritter today signed a package of five bills to cap off the New Energy Economy agenda he initiated in 2007. Since Ritter took office, 56 clean energy bills have been signed into law.

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