It's unanimous: Colorado air regulators support a cleaner, healthier future.

On Nov. 16, Colorado's Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) voted to adopt California's Low Emission Vehicle Program (LEV) or "Clean Car" standards for cars and trucks. Vehicle emissions are the primary contributors to Colorado's air pollution.

“Throughout this process, Coloradans sent a clear message: The cars we drive shouldn’t hurt the people and places we love,” said Environment Colorado Research & Policy Center Senior Advocate Jean Basset. “We applaud the AQCC for listening to the thousands of voices from our state who want clean air and climate action.”

Prior to the vote, Environment Colorado Research & Policy Center organized an event to announce that more than 7,600 Coloradans have called on the AQCC to adopt the standards.

Colorado is now one of 13 states to adopt California's LEV standard. In 2012, the Obama administration instituted equally stringent federal emissions standards, but the current administration is working to roll them back.

Photo: Sara_K via Shutterstock.