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Mayors for Solar Energy

Goal: Mobilize mayors across the country to go big on solar in their communities.

Cities across America have the power to get all the energy they need from the sun. Millions of rooftops are poised to hold solar panels. City governments can and already are making it easier for residents and small businesses to go solar. Environment America’s Mayors for Solar Energy project is helping city leaders take concrete steps toward this brighter, healthier future by building a broad, bipartisan community of mayors and giving them the tools they need to tap into the power of the sun.

Are you a mayor?

Help us reach our goal to mobilize mayors across the country to go big on solar in their communities.

Check out the map below to see all of the mayors that have already signed on. Click the "INFO" button in the upper-right corner to get more details. Use the navigation in the footer to see how to use the map, view the list of mayors who have signed on, and see what those mayors are saying. Zoom out to see the mayors who have signed on in the Pacific Islands and Alaska.

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If we want cleaner air and a more stable climate, we need to harness energy from the sun. We're thinking globally and acting locally, calling on cities and town across the country to go big on solar.

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