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Recharge Where You Recharge

Coloradans should not have to choose between having an electric vehicle and visiting the parks they love. We need to make it easy to recharge our cars where we recharge our souls.

From the mountains to the prairies, Colorado is blessed with beautiful landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Our state and national parks are the places where Coloradans go to get into nature, whether on the back of a horse or a bike, or carried by their own two feet. These refuges are where Coloradans go to recharge their spirits. As John Muir said, “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.”


For so many of us, our parks are what make our state so special. But right now, they’re being harmed by air pollution and a rapidly changing climate. This past year, Colorado experienced some of the worst forest fires in recent memory. With fire season being 78 days longer on average than in 1970, global warming has made wildfires more frequent and is a threat to our favorite landscapes.

To ensure our communities and wild places stay protected, we need cleaner air and a stable climate. That will require us to address transportation — right now, the way we get around is our largest source of global warming emissions, in Colorado and the U.S.

Though electric cars are growing in popularity, consumers are still concerned about finding a place to charge. Colorado has made a commitment to expanding the use of electric vehicles with a goal of nearly 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030 — a great step in the right direction. But we as a state are falling behind on meeting our charging needs, as EV sales far outpace the installation of charging stations.

Some of the places where we’re not seeing nearly enough charging stations are the very parks and public lands that electric vehicles would help protect. Since people charge their electric vehicles when they are parked, a lack of infrastructure near hiking trails means many folks suffer from range anxiety — the fear that they’ll run out of juice on the way back from a day on our public lands.


Coloradans should not have to choose between having an electric vehicle and visiting the parks they love. We need to have charging infrastructure in the same places we escape to for relief.

Environment Colorado is calling for every state park and national park to install electric car chargers and make it easy for visitors to recharge their cars while they recharge their souls in nature.

It shouldn’t be difficult for Coloradans to drive an EV to their favorite public lands. We need to make getting to our parks in an EV easier so outdoors-loving Coloradans do not forgo switching to EVs at all. We must electrify the way we travel to prevent pollution and a warming climate — and to protect the lands we cherish.

Tell Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Install EV chargers in state parks

We need to be able to access Colorado's state parks without contributing to their destruction. We can do this by installing EV chargers in all of our state parks. Expanding the state's EV charging infrastructure not only helps Colorado reduce it's global warming emissions, it also ensures that Coloradans can roadtrip to their favorite state park without worrying about how far their car can go.