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CO Clean Car Advocates Respond to Trump Rollback

 The Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today finalized the rule to rewrite the federal clean car standards. The clean car standards were first established in 2010 and are projected to double fuel economy and to cut global warming pollution in half for cars sold in 2025. The weaker standards could result in more than 1.5 billion additional metric tons of global warming pollution in our atmosphere by 2040, contributing to Colorado’s existing problems with dirty air. 

News Release | Environment Colorado

Suspension of EPA enforcement during the Coronavirus puts our health at risk from polluters

The EPA’s decision to stop enforcing key provisions of our environmental laws puts our air, water, and health at the mercy of polluters. 

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In addressing the coronavirus, Congress must not exacerbate the climate crisis

Congress is rushing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out industries affected by the measures being taken to stem the spread and severity of the coronavirus. But in putting out one fire, our leaders must not pour gasoline on another -- namely, global warming. Taxpayer dollars should not be spent bailing out industries that are accelerating climate change. Any bailout funding must require industries to reduce their carbon emissions and other pollution.

News Release | Environment Colorado

More than 200 Colorado students attend Youth Lobby Day on plastic pollution


More than 200 students from across the state called on Colorado legislators earlier this month to take action on single-use plastic pollution. The March 5th Youth Lobby Day was hosted by Environment Colorado, CoPIRG, Eco-Cycle and Inland Ocean Coalition. From coast to coast, students are leading the charge to get state governments to take action on plastic pollution, and lawmakers are listening. Colorado is no different. In 2018, students from Steamboat Springs succeeded in proposing and passing a plastic bag ban and paper bag fee. “We look up to our elders in the wrong image, we look at them and think that they are the best people. While they may be great, they have left us a burden, a burden [plastic pollution] that is now our responsibility to fix. Now is the time to fight,” said Zach Ruppel, a 7th grader from Louisville Middle School.