The sun is shining on environmentalists in Colorado

By | Kelsey Maxwell
Environment Colorado Associate

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis shows his commitment to tackling climate change and air pollution by making electric transportation the subject of his first executive order.

Thanks to people like you, clean energy has been steadily advancing in Colorado for more than a decade. Now it's about to speed up in a big way...

 In the span of just one week, two Colorado utilities committed to a cleaner future. On Dec. 6, the board of directors of the Platte River Power Authority voted...

 Colorado air regulators support a cleaner, healthier future. On Nov. 16, Colorado's Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC)...

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Platte River Power Authority votes unanimously to set zero carbon by 2030 goal

DENVER -- Today, and for the second time this week, a Colorado utility announced a goal of zeroing out its carbon emissions. The board of directors of the Platte River Power Authority, which is jointly owned by the communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland, voted unanimously to commit to a goal of a 100 percent non-carbon resource mix by 2030.

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Xcel Energy announces plan for zero-carbon electricity by 2050

DENVER -- Today, Xcel Energy announced a plan to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2030 and 100 percent by 2050. Garrett Garner-Wells, director of Environment Colorado, issued the following statement.

On the road with Coloradans for clean cars


From Fort Collins to Glenwood Springs to Pueblo, Environment Colorado’s Clean Car Associate Kelsey Maxwell made her way across the Centennial State this summer...

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Environment Colorado laments feds’ decision to repeal Clean Car Standards

DENVER -- Today, the Trump administration announced new vehicle emission guidelines which roll back the existing Clean Car Standards. This regressive move betrays the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)’s stated mission of protecting human health and the environment. It will get rid of our nation’s best climate change mitigation program, which is cutting future carbon emissions more effectively than any other current federal policy.