Report | Environment Colorado

Losing Ground: Colorado's Vanishing Agricultural Landscape

Colorado’s finest ranches and croplands are disappearing faster than ever before. 

Report | Environment Colorado

Troubled Waters: An analysis of Clean Water Act compliance, July 2003- December 2004

When drafting the Clean Water Act in 1972, legislators set the goals of making all U.S. waterways fishable and swimmable by 1983 and eliminating the discharge of pollutants into the nation’s waterways by 1985. 

Report | Environment Colorado

Lethal Loophole: How the ˜Clear Skies' Bill Allows Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants to Emit More Toxic Air Pollutants

The Bush administration has touted its so-called “Clear Skies” bill as a way to clean up power plant emissions of smog-forming nitrogen oxides, soot-forming sulfur dioxide, and toxic mercury.

Report | Environment Colorado

Stop the Rollbacks: Cleaner, Healthier Air for Colorado

For a quarter century, the Clean Air Act’s “new source review” program has protected Colorado’s families by requiring large industrial facilities to modernize their air pollution control equipment when they expand their operations and increase air pollution levels.


Our Natural Legacy: The Value Of America's Roadless National Forests

After decades of scientific inquiry, 600 public hearings, and a record 1.6 million comments, the Clinton administration enacted the Roadless Area Conservation Rule in January 2001 to protect 58.5 million acres of wild national forest land from most commercial logging and road-building.