30% Renewable Energy by 2020

Colorado will get 30% of its energy from clean, renewable sources by 2020 thanks to a bill that Environment Colorado helped write and pass in 2010. Our report, “Investing in the Sun,” showed that producing 1,000 megawatts of clean energy would cut as much global warming pollution as taking 670 million cars off the road, and would create more than 23,000 local jobs.


EPA announces plan to restore water protections.

After thousands of members of Environment Colorado and our sister organizations urged the EPA to act, Administrator Jackson announced a plan to restore Clean Water Act protections. We’ve since delivered more than 100,000 public comments in support of clean water protections. We need your help to make sure the public’s voice is heard above the din of corporate lobbyists and special interests. 


Clean Air, Clean Jobs bill becomes law

In 2010, we took a giant step toward replacing dirty, coal-fired power plants with cleaner sources of energy when then-Gov. Ritter signed the Clean Air, Clean Jobs bill into law. We helped write the bill and forget the agreement, which will help keep the Brown Cloud away from the Front Range and bring tangible health benefits to millions of Coloradans.