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Lighting the Way

Solar energy is booming. In just the last three years, America’s solar photovoltaic capacity tripled. In 2014, a third of the United States’ new installed electric capacity came from solar power. And in three states – California, Hawaii, and Arizona – solar power now generates more than 5 percent of total electricity consumption.


A Million Solar Roofs

While more of us are trying to go solar, dirty energy companies keep putting up new roadblocks. We’re urging our leaders to go big on solar and leave dirty energy behind. 


New report ranks Denver #10 in nation for solar power as state regulators examine how to value distributed solar

Today, Environment Colorado released a new report: “Shining Cities: At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution”, a first-of-its kind comparison of the growth of solar in major American cities. The report ranks Denver 10th in the nation for installed solar as well as in solar capacity per capita.


Colorado 9th in the Nation for Solar Jobs Last Year

Colorado has more than 3,600 people employed manufacturing and installing pollution-free solar energy, according to a national Solar Jobs Census released by The Solar Foundation. According to the analysis, Colorado ranks 9th in the nation for solar jobs. 

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30,000 Coloradans Petition Xcel Energy to Withdraw Anti-Solar Proposal

Nearly 300 concerned Coloradans converged in Denver to oppose a proposal from Xcel Energy to roll back one of the state’s most successful solar programs. The energetic crowd braved wintery temperatures to deliver nearly 30,000 petition signatures urging Xcel to withdraw its proposal and keep Colorado solar shining.


Million Solar Roofs Endorsement List

The voices of local elected officials, businesses, and organizations are fundamental to strengthening our campaign to bring enough solar power to Colorado to power a million homes by 2030. A list of the current signers is available.

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Boulder Creek, Global Warming Solutions, Mercury Pollution Limits Withstand Assault in U.S. Senate

Colorado senators both voted right on budget amendments related to protecting parks and securing strong carbon pollution standards, yet Senator Bennet cast a disappointing vote on the Keystone XL pipeline. Senator Udall voted against the measure, which would further destabilize our climate and endanger our health and environment in Colorado.


Wind Power for a Cleaner America

America has more than doubled its use of wind power since the beginning of 2008 and we are starting to reap the environmental rewards. Wind energy now displaces about 68 million metric tons of global warming pollution each year — as much as is produced by 13 million cars.